Dear Mr. President,

It is my pleasure to announce, to Your Excellency and to all Your nations as well, that we are about to see Takeshima's Day coming round.

It is natural that each of the two countries has its own point of view over the territorial dispute on Takeshima (what Koreans call "Dokdo"). As you know, Japan has been advocating a peaceful resolution of the issue at the International Court of Justice for decades, while Korea has been defying it. If Korean leaders were really confident of the legitimacy of their claim over the issue, they would have no reason they should avoid discussing.

I hope that Korean people and their government will someday realize that talking at the Hague is the best way, or possibly the only way left, for each of the two countries to keep the bilateral relation peaceful and future-oriented, unless they wish to drive Japanese government into inevitable consideration of having resort to a more drastic measure for breaking through the current situation.

Yours truly,

Suika Dorobo

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